32 fully-customisable house plans available

With 32 house plans ready to go, and each can be modified to suit your individual needs!

Our sample house plans cover a wide range of homes – from a simple two bedroom place to expansive 5 bedroom large homes.  Each of these plans can be customised to what you want.  With us you’re dealing directly with the builder – no sales people to talk you in to stuff, no unrealistic promises the builder can’t do, and no excessive fees for variations.

Building a new home can have many advantages over renovating an older place

  • Get it totally to suit you – it doesn’t need to be worked around existing structures
  • Warmer – new homes are more air tight, and you can improve on the minimum building code to have a warmer home that’s cheaper to heat
  • Site for the section – many older places simply aren’t suited to our modern open-plan living with great indoor-outdoor flow that’s so important for many kiwis.
  • Lower maintenance – new homes with modern building materials and fit outs are often less maintenance

I’d love a new home – isn’t building expensive and stressful?


Two big challenges, and who wants more of that in our lives – stress and cost?

We’re all about building – it’s what we do every day.  But it’s not what you do, you have a job/family and many other commitments.  Rest assured that you won’t need to micro manage – we keep you informed and in control.  This alone minimizes most of the stress many people experience while building, all the uncertainty of not being told what is happening!  You’re dealing direct with the owner and builder – simply delivering quality building work to keep customers happy.  It’s not only the owners passion, it’s his livelihood.

As a small home-based business, we’re free of costly offices, the commissions for sales staff, expensive TV and billboard commercials, and our builders don’t drive round in flashy utes that are upgraded every year.  Being members of the CBS Co-op we have access to the same prices that the big players get,  A genuine kiwi business that believes in

  • charging our customers fair prices,
  • paying our staff fair wages,
  • paying our subcontractors fair rates,

Which all means delivering value for our customers!  So in short, building doesn’t need to be as expensive as you may think, and with a fixed price fixed time contract in place you can be assured we will deliver on time and in budget – our business depends on it.

Working Together

The Builder and Project Manager, talking directly with you, the customer every step of the way

  • Chat with us
  • We visit your home (site)
  • Discussion/emails of different concepts and ideas
  • Estimate or draft quote provided (this can include approximate costs for some items)
Agree the Detail
  • Detailed quote provided
  • Finalise plans
  • Timeline agreed
  • Contract for work signed
  • Deposit paid
  • Site is set up (health and safety etc)
  • Work begins
  • Progress payments are made for value of work completed
  • Regular communication with home owner
  • Regular walk through – no surprises at the end
  • Final walk through
  • Site handed to homeowner
  • Final payment
  • Maintenance schedule provided
  • Documents (e.g. PS3, electrical etc) provided to homeowner
  • Follow up communication