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Undertaking building work can be daunting: What comes next? When do I decide what colour to paint my bedroom?  Getting all the information at the right time helps keep the whole job progressing, avoiding costly delays, and avoiding unnecessary work.  The first initial contact is where Colin will go over your ideas and vision for the build, this step is vital in communicating across to us what your real vision for your build is giving a better understanding of the whole project, be as specific as possible.

We provide you with your first initial estimate for your Build

This will allow you to evaluate your options so you can decide if what you want to do is realistic for your budget or not.  Depending on the job, we may also be able to offer you other options which better suit your needs and budget.  A great time to be coming up with lots of ideas before arriving at the concepts you would like to move forward with.

At this stage we provide you with either a Fixed price or detailed estimate

After you have had time to look through all of your information, and we have both agreed on the steps moving forward, we can then provide you with a fixed price or detailed estimate.  To do this, we also go out to our suppliers to source the best products at the best prices, and you will also receive an itemized pricing schedule and full scope of works that need to be carried out on your build.  To undertake pricing your work to this level, we do have a fee that we will provide you with prior to starting your pricing.  It’s a small price to pay to get detailed information for your project, and if you go ahead with the project, we will deduct the pricing fee from your final bill.

While this sounds scary and mundane, there have been recent law changes introduced to protect you from the few cowboys that sadly do exist in the building industry.  One of the law changes is requiring a disclosure document (so you know who you are dealing with), which we have supplied, and a full written contract.  The contract covers things like obligations of both parties to keep the job progressing smoothly, payments, and insurance.  While they are only a legal requirement for jobs over $30,000, we think it’s important to have a written understanding in place for all works.

Our contracts are ones supplied by Certified Builders (certified.co.nz).  We will give you as much time as you need to look through the contract, and we also encourage you to ask us questions and seek advice from your solicitor prior to signing.

You will be provided with a copy of all the information supplied to you with the signed contract to keep.

Now’s time to get on to the exciting part.  There’s a lot of pre-planning that goes in to the job, so we will work with you in starting at the time that’s going to best suit you.  What the lead time is largely depends on the size of the project and if it needs consent, and other work that we have on.

Once construction has started, we will keep in touch with you through regular emails and phone calls, and we encourage you to have a weekly site meeting with the Project Manager or Foreman so you can see progress, discuss any concerns, or raise any variations you may have thought about.  While changes do have the potential to create small delays, we know sometimes great ideas aren’t always thought of at the start.  We keep our fees for variations to a minimum, and it’s an easy process for you to sign variations off.  If they create substantial work and are likely to delay our end date, then we will make sure you are informed too.

We’ll do a full walk through together to make sure you are happy with the finished result.  Then we’ll leave you with information you need to keep – details of any insurances or warranties, and also of any maintenance that may be needed on products (for example, painting).


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