• Do I need an Architect?

    It depends on your type of build.

    If it is a New Build then you definitely need an Architect to draw up your ideas and map it out on paper. Make sure you choose the right Architect that shares the same vision that you do, time and time again we see clients who have jumped in with Architects share the same vision only to have countless of revisions done to get it right which in-turn slows down the build process. Therefore at Stalwart we make sure you have help choosing your Architect and we make sure they align with your vision. Keep in mind If its just basic renovations or rec-lads then you do not need an architect.
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  • Do I need council consent?

    You need consent for everything you do when it comes to building.

    Whether it’s structural additions to your existing home or changing internal layouts, they all require the process of gaining a building consent through the Christchurch Council.  Depending on the extent of the project and your land title you may also require a Resource Consent. If you are unsure what you will need you can find out more information from the Christchurch Council Website or contact Stalwart Construction and we can take control of the whole process from start to finish making sure everything has been covered and no step missed.

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  • Do I Need A Guarantee?

    Yes! you do. When it comes to guarantees you need to make sure that with every build you are covered fully.

    At Stalwart construction we have a tailor made guarantee that covers a whole range of areas to lower the stress involved and ensure you can focus on enjoying your building experience whether you are starting a new build or renovating.

    On top of our own guarantee for your added peace of mind we also are members of the certified builders association and therefore you will also be covered by our 10 year Home first Guarantee.

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  • At What Stage Do I Involve A Builder?

    Involving a builder from the start is KEY!

    For a stress free build or renovation we recommend you involve a builder from the very start. At Stalwart we always encourage clients to involve us from the start of the build this ensures that everything has been covered and that you haven’t missed a step. We can also provide you advise on design and cost effective we could incorporate to stay within your budget.

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  • What Are My Next Steps?

    Your next steps are simple.

    Get in touch with Stalwart Construction today and walk us through your project, make sure you have all your examples and design ideas ready. At this point you will speak to Director Colin Satherley and we can then advise you what your next moves will be depending on the scope of your job and Colin’s recommendations.

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